Radar Sensors

With direct speed and velocity measurement, high range, independence from visual conditions and general high robustness against environmental influences, radar sensors are the backbone of environment perception.​

Continental is a market leader in radar development, looking back at many years of application in the automotive and industrial usage. From low-level RDI-data, via object detection output to acceleration / deceleration requests, a multitude of processing levels is available.

Automotive Radar Sensors

ARS 430

The ARS430 Advanced Radar Sensor is the premium variant of the 4th generation of radar sensors developed by Continental. The radar sensor is already in-service for automotive passenger and commercial vehicle applications.


ARS510 is a radar sensor primarily used in a full ADAS system for forward looking applications like ACC and with focus on safety functions as EBA - compliant to world wide standards at best cost.


The newest development in the range of high-end-radar sensors. Highly improved resolution and advanced elevation measurement are the key benefits. The sensor plays a key role in future HAD-architectures, providing both RDI and object-data output.


SRR520 is a high performance 77GHz short range radar sensor for various premium backward & forward looking applications. Its small package can be integrated easy and robust behind all kinds of painted bumpers. It is also available with object- or RDI output on CAN-base.

Industrial Radar Sensors

SRR 308

Safe, reliable, proven in thousands of applications, excellent in performance and minimalistic in design. This is the usual feedback on the SRR 308 Short Range Radar Sensor
(Close-up range radar sensor) @ 24 GHz.

ARS 404

Continental Engineering Services offers a new type of radar sensor, the ARS 404, as a possible adaption in different applications and as entry version to the 40X Radar Sensor series. – Long Range Radar (Far field radar sensor) @ 77 GHz.

ARS 408

The ARS 408, is a premium adaption of the 40X Radar Sensors series. – Long Range Radar (Far field radar sensor) @ 77 GHz.

Radar PLC

Easy, helpfull and useable without previous knowledge. Working in harmony with connected CES Radar Sensors

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Perception Development Kit

Perception Development Kit (PDK)

For automated driving functions, 360° sensor coverage and central data fusion becomes inevitable. We offer a modular, off-the-shelf prototype solution for your development activities. A set of different hardware and software modules fit the kit for your individual application.

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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are the key enablers of tomorrow‘s autonomous vehicles. Already today, ADAS technologies enable a high level of driving comfort and crash avoidance via features like Adaptive Cruise Control and Emergency Brake Assist.

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Active- & Passive Safety for EU General Safety Regulation

The introduction of the EU-General Safety Regulation (GSR) for vehicle homologation will mark a new era of vehicle engineering throughout the entire industry. From that point onwards, all new vehicles for the EU-market will have to be equipped with a multitude of advanced safety features such as Emergency Brake Assist, Lane Support Systems and Driver Supervision.

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