ARS 408

ARS 408


ARS 408-21 Long Range 77Ghz Radar

The ARS 408, is a premium adaption of the 40X Radar Sensors series.

  • General replacement of ARS 30X and 40X radar sensors
  • Easy to implement and optimized anti-collision protection for vehicles of every description (particularly autonomous)
  • Headway control also for far-field (vehicles of every description such as cranes, construction machinery, fork-lifts, tractors, harvester combines, particularly autonomous as AGV, special transporter, and module transporter.)
  • Collision avoidance for cranes of every description e.g. STS, RTG, RMG, overhead cranes, gantry cranes.
  • Area monitoring system for far-field, e.g. of hazardous or non-accessible areas
  • Non-radar-reflecting object detection by affixing a protective cover 
  • Classification of objects (> 120 single cluster)
  • Object detection, e.g. in confusing or unclear areas
  • Distance and speed monitoring
  • Road traffic technology e.g. parking area surveillance
  • Rail traffic technology, approximation aid for bumper

Measuring procedure

The rugged ARS 408-21 sensor from Continental measures the distance and velocity (Doppler’s principle) to objects independently,  without a reflector, in one measurement cycle.  This is accomplished by using FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) with very fast ramps, with real-time scanning of 17 scans per second.

A special feature of the device is the simultaneous measurement of great distances up to 250 m, relative velocity, and the angle relation between 2 objects.

Did you know?

​A special software version supports a measurement range of up to 1200m! (For objects with high RCS and a free field of view)

Features & Benefits

  • Fast and safe: The ARS 408 dispels with the apparent contradiction between excellent measuring performance and a high degree of operational safety. The optimized ARS 408-21 radar sensors are capable of determining the distance to an object with real-time scanning and evaluating, considering the driving speed, a possible risk of collision.
  • Longer Range: The effective detection radius of the ARS 408 is up to 70 meters (about 76 yards) in the SR mode or up to 250 meters (about 273 yards) in the FR mode.
  • Reliable: The  ARS 408 radar sensor can recognize sensor failures and the environment. Without the use of a filter, it is possible to eliminate ghost targets – every target is a real target.
  • All-weather capability: The ARS 408 is capable of operating in all weather conditions and has only low-performance losses in extreme situations.
  • Cost-efficient: Using a radar technology with a less complex measuring principle and the development and mass production in the automotive industry, the costs are kept low.
  • Extended range possible: With a special software version, the ARS 408 can extend its measurement range up to 1,200 meters! (For objects with high RCS and an unobstructed field of view).


The device is fitted with one CAN bus interface. Further interfaces can be realized by using a converter. Software adaption, housing and/or hardware adaption are possible. The ARS 408 can be used for complex measuring tasks.