Perception Development Kit (PDK)

Perception Development Kit by CES

For automated driving, 360° sensor coverage, and central data fusion is a necessity. CES offers a modular prototype solution for your development activities in the field of autonomy. A variety of different hardware components and software modules are available off-the-shelf for quick onboarding.

The Perception Development Kit (PDK) provides raw detection level data from multiple Continental ARS430 Radar Sensors.  A customer interface library, written in C++, enables easy integration into your development environment.
The PDK provides building blocks for environmental perception to speed up your development. You only need to order the modules you require.

Key Facts

  • Modular Perception Development Kit for rapid prototyping
  • Designed for a fast ramp-up of a fused multi-modal sensor-based environment model
  • Available with up to 8 ARS430 radar sensors
  • Available with up to 4 Fisheye cameras 
  • Data monitoring module included
  • Plug-and-play sensor data integration into a development framework using a C++ API
  • Post-processing software modules available for your rapid development

Target Customer Groups

  • R&D Departments
  • Tech-Startups
  • Automotive
  • Off-Highway
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Research Institutions

Available Software Modules

  • Dynamic Object Tracking (DOT)
  • Occupancy Grid Processing (OGP)
  • Obstacle Extraction (OSE)
  • Mapping & Localization (MAL)
  • Ego Motion Estimation (EME)
  • Vehicle Dynamics Correction (VDC)
  • Auto Sensor Calibration (ASC)


4th Generation Continental Radar Technology

  • Aggregated field-of-view by providing two independent scans
  • Ethernet interface

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