SRR 308

SRR 308


SRR 308 Short Range 24 GHz Radar Sensor

Safe – Reliable – Excellent Performance – Minimalistic Design

  • Easy to implement anti-collision protection for vehicles of every description (particularly autonomous)
  • Range monitoring and headway control for up to 95 meters, e.g. hazardous or non-accessible areas such as blind-spot and environment recognition of vehicles of every description such as mining vehicles, construction machinery, forklifts, tractors, harvester combines (particularly autonomous as AGV, special transporter, module transporter…) and aircraft of every description
  • Collision avoidance for cranes of every description e.g. STS, RTG, RMG, overhead cranes, gantry cranes.
  • Classification of objects and access monitoring
  • Non-radar-reflecting object detection by affixing a protective cover (secondary surface) 
  • Distance and speed monitoring
  • Object detection, e.g. in confusing or unclear areas
  • Road Traffic technology, e.g. traffic light and loading ramp approximation recognition, area, and access control
  • Rail traffic technology, approximation aid for bumper

Measuring procedure

The proven SRR-308 sensor automatically measures the distance and speed (Doppler principle) of objects without a reflector. The measurement is based on PCM (Pulse Compression Modulation) with an update rate of 40ms.
A special feature of the device is the simultaneous measurement of distances up to 95 meters at a detection Azimuth of ±90 ° and a Elevation of up to ±23 ° (@-20dB).


  • Safe: The SRR 308 dispels with the apparent contradiction between excellent measuring performance and a high degree of operational safety.
  • Fast: SRR 308 Radar Sensors are capable of determining the distance to an object in real-time scanning and evaluating, considering the driving speed, a possible risk of collision.
  • Reliable: The SRR 308 Radar Sensor is able to recognize sensor errors and the sensor environment.
  • Robust and very small design: By using a radar technology with a less complex measuring principle and the development and mass production in the automotive industry, the design is very robust and very small.
  • Extended range possible: With a special software version, the SRR 308 is able to extend its measurement range up to approximately 200 meters! (For objects with high RCS and an unobstructed field of view).


The device is fitted with one CAN bus interface. Additional interfaces can be realized using a converter. Software adaption, housing and/or hardware adaption are possible. The SRR 308 can be used for complex measuring tasks.