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Software Products

Software is the soul of the vehicle. It enables a number of crucial functions to provide comfort and safety to the user.
Aligned with the Software-Defined-Vehicle trend, CES is capable of offering a number of Software Products to be integrated in third party hardware platforms, providing many advantages to our customers such as:
  • Reduced development times. Our pre-developed software functions can be configured and integrated into our customer platforms with low effort in comparison with a new development.
  • Costs efficient. Centralized architectures allow different software functions to be hosted in the same hardware platform, reducing the associated cost.
  • High quality solutions. Our automotive software is developed following the highest industry standards.
  • Adaptable. CES can integrate functions in to new or existing hardware platforms.

Broad Software Portfolio

As part of Continental Automotive, CES has access to a large portfolio of mature software functions that can be configured according to our customer requirements. Empower your solutions with software modules from any of our main areas of expertise:
  • Interior: Cabin monitoring, temperature control, infotainment, vehicle state monitoring, etc.
  • Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS): Automated Driving and Safety Functions, Surround View visualization, Perception functions.
  • Chassis and Braking: Braking algorithms, chassis functions, vehicle dynamics, etc.
  • PDK: Perception Development Kit to support prototype and proof-of-concept development with associated software modules.
Our portfolio is vast and includes novel functionalities still in development that can be adapted to your application.

Cabin & Comfort

Software solutions for body control, driver monitoring and cabin comfort.

Driver In-Cabin Monitoring

Advanced driver in-cabin monitoring functions that support regulation compliance by providing algorithms to detect drowsiness, estimate attentiveness, and face recognition for identity authentication.

Climate Control

Climate control algorithms designed for easy integration into third party controllers, capable of controlling cabin temperature, humidity, fresh air supply and thermal management for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Body Control

Our portfolio of body control functions increase the safety and comfort to the final user. We provide algorithms for a wide range of applications such as vehicle access, window control, lighting, etc.

Driver Assistance

From self driving to visualization, our broad range of functions enable your system.

Driving – Maneuvering – Parking Assistance

Increase safety and comfort of the final user integrating our driving assistance functions into your solution.

General Safety Regulation (GSR) Package

Safety relevant driving functions to homologate your vehicle for “GSR”. Our experts will process the needed adaptations to fit with your product specifics.

3D Surround View

Our broad portfolio of visualization functions provide novel and interesting features to the driver. This augmented visibility benefits the driver in multiple scenarios; providing comfort and increasing safety.

Chassis & Braking

Braking algorithms and motion estimation modules.

Indirect Tire Pressure Monitoring System (iTPMS)

The Deflation Detection System Plus (DDS+) is an indirect Tire Pressure Monitoring System (iTPMS) that detects loss of tire pressure on moving vehicles based on wheel rotation information.

Loose Wheel Detection (LWD)

The Loose Wheel Detection detects characteristic signal patterns from the wheel speed sensors and can detect loose wheels starting from a 0.5mm gap between rim and wheel hub in just a few seconds.

Onboard Friction Estimation (OFE)

The Onboard Friction Estimation is a cost-optimized software solution using existing hardware components. It provides the estimation of road friction during typical driving conditions, where no active control functions are required.

Other SW Solutions

Explore our development kit offer and AI algorithms.

Perception Development Kit (PDK)

Our PDK facilitates the development of prototype perception solutions. It supports a variety of input sensors (e.g., camera, radar, ultrasonics.) and help to speed up the development of prototypes and concepts.

Artifical Intelligence Solutions

A range of state-of-the art AI algorithms that offer flexible solutions for multiple use cases, such as object detection, semantic segmentation and posture estimation. Our algorithms can be re-trained to your specific application with limited amounts of data.

Let us help you to customize a kit depending on your specific needs. Contact us and we can recommend the best set of functions for your application.


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