Continental Cooperation Portal

Revolutionize Your Software Development Process with the
Continental Cooperation Portal

The Problem

The process up to the integrated software has been extremely time-consuming up to now.
Due to a high workload of manual processes, such as manual testing of applications and the replay of possible errors, as well as a lack of standardization, the process is neither efficient nor up-to-date.

The Solution

Continental Cooperation Portal is an online platform and automates the process with all software suppliers. This results in only error-free applications being transferred to the development system.
In addition, the online platform reduces the need for correction loops and frees up capacity for the implementation of further ECUs.

The Continental Cooperation Portal can be customized for specific projects.
Since documents as well as manuals are stored on the portal, it serves as a central communication platform and enables all project participants to access information.


Daniel Ruehle

Head of IT & Data Solutions