Electromobility Components

Continental Engineering Services offer customers a complete range of tested and field-proven electrification components, optimized to your needs.

The advantages of electrification are manifold. On the one hand, fewer components are required in the manufacture of electric vehicles; on the other hand, clear environmental benefits are relevant to all of us.
Here, we show you some of the components that we use in the construction and continued development of e-mobility of the future. If you want to know more, you can always contact our experts to receive detailed information about individual parts, systems, and complete solutions.

Electric Motor

Electric machines are the key components in drive systems that convert electrical power (current) into mechanical torque. The drive systems can be used in motoring and generating modes, maximising energy recuperation and consequently vehicle range.

Electric Vehicle Control Unit (EVCU)

The EV control module is a low-voltage control module. It is responsible for most processes relating to the functional aspects of electrical or hybrid-electrical vehicles.

DC/DC Converter

The main role of the DCDC is providing energy from one voltage level to another voltage level.
CES offers a variety of DC/DC-converters across a wide range of voltage levels (< 1000 V).


Inverters converting DC current into AC current to control electric motors. To improve the overall performance and efficiency CES is pushing the limits with the use the latest technologies like SIC modules and advanced machine control algorithms.

Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

The Power Distribution Unit enables the connections with all HV Units (loads, supply) in a single location in the vehicle. Outlets can be fused in-line with the vehicle safety analysis. HV Interlock can be also incorporated to monitor connector integrity.

Battery Management System (BMS)

The smart control and management of batteries in mobile and stationary use is termed battery management system (BMS).


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