The ARS430 Advanced Radar Sensor is the premium variant of the 4th generation of radar sensors developed by Continental Business Unit ADAS.

The radar sensor is already in-service for automotive passenger and commercial vehicle applications especially for the functions Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Emergency Brake Assist (EBA).

The ARS430 is a 77 GHz radar sensor with digital beam-forming scanning antenna which offers two independent scans for far and near range. The sensor uses a pulse compression radar modulation to avoid the drawbacks of both the classical Pulse-Doppler and the FMCW approach.

ParameterUnitARS 430
Resolution[m]0.39 (NRS)
Accuracy[m]0.1 (NRS)
Speed range[kph]–400 … +200
Speed resolution[kph]0.43 (NRS)
Speed accuracy[kph]0.10
FOV Azimuth[°]–9 … +9 (FRS)
–60 … +60 (NRS)
Azimuth beam width (3dB)[°]2.2 (FRS)
Azimuth accuracy[°]0.1 (FRS)
Azimuth resolution[°]1.6 (FRS)
Sensitivity (min. RCS @ x m)[m²]10 @ 200m
Cycle time[ms]75

ARS430 Variants

The ARS430 radar sensor is available in different hardware variants e.g. with CAN, FlexRay or BroadR-Reach Ethernet interface and 12V or 24V power supply. Additionally customer specific firmware versions are used for each sensor.

Continental Engineering Services offers different ARS430 variants with generic firmware versions:

ARS430FM – Flex Mount

CAN interface with object output for vehicle applications

ARS430DI - Dual Interface

BR-Ethernet interface with object and RDI output for autonomous driving applications

ARS430RDI - Radar Detection Interface

BR-Ethernet interface with RDI output