Active- & Passive Safety

for EU General Safety Regulation

The introduction of the EU-General Safety Regulation (GSR) for vehicle homologation will mark a new era of vehicle engineering throughout the entire industry. From that point onwards, all new vehicles for the EU-market will have to be equipped with a multitude of advanced safety features such as Emergency Brake Assist, Lane Support Systems and Driver Supervision.

While the General-Safety-Regulation itself describes all vehicle features required for vehicle homologation over all technical domains, the majority of new features can be found in the active-& passive-safety domain.

At CES, we have developed a cost-efficient standard solution for GSR compliance based on Continental sensors and functions. In a turnkey project approach, we make your vehicle ready for homologation.

System Overview – Active & Passive Safety Packages

Our solution is based on four pillars:

  • Front Safety Package
  • Rear Safety Package
  • Passive Safety Package
  • Driver Status Package

A key advantage of the system is the scalability with the components involved. Without any modifications to the system architecture:

  • Additional comfort functions can be implemented such as ACC, Head-Light-Assist, …
  • Future GSR requirements can be covered
  • A solid base for oncoming safety regulations in other worldwide regions is established


Yannick Frisoni

Senior Business Development Manager
Driver Assistance & Autonomous Driving Segment

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