Autonomous Driving Mobility is on the verge of highly automated driving. Complex requirements require special expertise and individual flexibility for each customer. read more From Automotive to Industry Proven and certified technology from the automotive industry is increasingly being used in various other industrial sectors. Take your chance and upgrade to the technologies of the future. Choose your industrial radar sensors, applications and services here. read more Plugged in Use the full range of high quality HV cables and connectors to take your vehicle electrification to the next level. Configure and build your high-voltage cables and assemblies here – highest quality and tailored to your needs. read more Data Services Use the maximum value of all structured or unstructured data of your company with remarkable functions. Optimize decision making and reduce time and effort in your projects. read more Electrification Continental Engineering Services (CES) encompasses all aspects of high-voltage electrification, as well as selected low-voltage support functions and hardware development. read more ADAS Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are the key enablers of tomorrow's autonomous vehicles. Take a look at how we make tomorrow's mobility safe, comfortable and efficient. read more Connectivity In order to be relevant, interconnected products must suit the urban digital lifestyle and must, therefore, be safe, intuitive, and efficient to use. read more