Brake System Solutions from CES

Since 2006, our customers have benefited from our capabilities to adapt successful brake system technologies based on their specific needs. As engineering service providers, we act as a one-stop-shop for brake systems with access to the entire Continental technology portfolio and beyond. We are capable to provide you brake systems for series production, prototypes and even motorsport applications.

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The megatrends of the mobility industries such as automated driving, electric drivetrains and other new mobility concepts have an impact on the requirements of modern braking systems. Performance, recuperation capability, increased braking comfort, weight, and a compact design are therefore becoming increasingly important.

We can design the braking system of your vehicle in accordance with the applicable legal requirements (ECE R13H, FMVSS, etc.) and your own requirements taking into consideration the brake force and pressure distribution and calculations for the thermal behavior, or the slope holding power of the parking brake.


Pia Overlack

Senior Business Development Manager