Driving Innovation and Data Literacy: Highlights from Rethink! Berlin 2024

Upama Michel for CES at Rethink! Smart SCM

On June 24 and 25, the Rethink event in Berlin brought together experts in SCM & logistics, MES, and Smart Manufacturing to share the latest innovations and strategies. Our very own Upama Michel, Senior Manager of Data Services at Continental Engineering Services, gave some fantastic presentations on our solutions for Supply Chain and Production Quality. She also highlighted the crucial role of data democratization and even shared details about our award-winning data literacy program.

Event 1: Rethink! Smart SCM

At the Rethink Smart SCM event, industry experts shared their insights and big data use cases. Upama reflected on how we harnessed data analytics and benefited from our data literacy program during the recent crisis.

Her key points were all about the power of collaboration between business experts and developers to quickly realize impactful solutions and ensure high adoption rates. She also emphasized that a data-literate workforce is crucial for true data-driven decision-making at all levels.

Upama’s presentation sparked a lot of interest and conversation, as many peers faced similar challenges. Some faced many more hurdles and were eager to learn from our experiences, both the wins and the setbacks.

Webinar Presentation Slides

Click on the button to download the webinar slides in ADOBE PDF form.

Event 2: Rethink Smart MES

On the second day of the event, Upama engaged the MES enthusiasts and experts with our production quality use case.

She emphasized the importance of tailored solutions to support engineers’ decision-making at the plants, showcasing the direct results achieved by some of our plants using components from our quality suite. 

Upama also connected this to the data literacy themes from her first talk, giving examples of how our data-savvy engineers are extracting even deeper insights using a versatile data “Swiss knife.” Check out a short video that captures the necessity for solutions like ours.

Rethink! Smart SCM Upama

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