Noise Vibration and Harshness

With our complete vehicle expertise, comprehensive material knowledge, and advanced psycho-acoustic methods, we optimize and match all factors and components in detail. Our goal is to implement your wishes in the acoustic field and the use of thermal energy with minimal use of weight and volume.

NVH Services Overview

NVH Engineering

As a system development partner for vehicle acoustics, we create added value to your applications by improved acoustic comfort

Acoustic architecture is influenced by many factors during vehicle construction. Our NVH teams have extensive knowledge of materials and psychoacoustic methods, optimizing and using the many factors to your advantage. Our aim: the implementation of your acoustic desires while minimizing weight and volume.

CES NVH specializes in identifying causation of acoustic issues and developing solutions and recommendations for improvements, not only for metrological but also for designing and developing prototypes for series technologies. For example, we can apply insulation elements of a spring-mass-system, new structure-borne noise insulation materials, or realize sealing measures in shell construction bulkhead and cable bushing.

We perform the integration of early development and design stages, using our network of contacts with leading material manufacturers for optimum results. With absorbers for the vehicle interior, engine room, and exterior in-wheel arch liners and the underbody paneling, which are aligned by us, every drive becomes an acoustic enjoyment.

Our Engineering Service

  • Subjective assessment of individual scenarios directly in the vehicle
  • Analysis of comprehensive listening tests
  • Consideration of psychoacoustic effects and measured values
  • Determination of specific measurement requirements for ensuring high repeatability
  • Component construction using CAD and creation of a 3D specimen component from CAD data

Our Functions (examples)

  • Measuring system PAK
  • Artificial head measurements (binaural measurement techniques)
  • Measuring microphones and accelerometers
  • Specific directional microphones and speed-up repeater for localization

NVH Consulting

Excellent NVH has become an essential topic in vehicle development. In addition to the intensification of driving fun, it contributes to the essential increase in product quality and customer satisfaction. Many years of experience, an excellent team, and optimized NVH tools are prerequisites for a cost-effective and time-effective development that minimizes production effort and significantly shortens the time to market. Our scope of work ranges from benchmarking, consulting, sound design, development of low-noise powertrain systems, integration, and the development and production of unique audio concepts in-vehicle systems.

Acoustics architecture is influenced by infinite factors in vehicle manufacturing. Our complete vehicle acoustics expertise allows us to identify predictors of acoustic problems, to work on a metrological solution and improvement recommendations as well as to develop prototypical suggestions for series technologies. This can be realized in the sense of insulation measures (e.g. spring-mass-system), structure-borne sound damping material, or sealing measurement out of shell construction rubbish and cable bushing.

Every drive becomes a pleasure with our compatible absorbers for the interior space and engine room (e.g. foam or non-woven materials) as well as the exterior like wheel arch liners or underbody paneling.

Besides the production of differing vehicle acoustic components, we consult leading car manufacturers and suppliers in their development and production in the area of acoustics and thermal management. With our comprehensive technological knowledge and product know-how, we can precisely predict the market relevance and opportunities for diverse products. Thus, we can identify the scope of applications for new materials and technologies and compare their advantages and specific attributes to the latest state-of-the-art.

Our focus is on cost reduction in terms of development and marketing, a significant increase in effectiveness, and the generation of a unique competitive advantage as well as on the reduction of weight and volume.

Our Consulting Service

  • Consulting in terms of the market potential of new products, materials, and technologies
  • Consulting regarding the acoustic optimization of aggregates, components, and vehicles of all categories
  • Consulting and monitoring during the development of new products in the area of acoustics and thermal management
  • Work on practically relevant specifications for the acoustic performance of products

Our Functions (examples)

  • Artificial head measurement (binaural measurement technique)
  • Measuring microphone and accelerometer
  • Measuring system PAK
  • A2mac1
  • As development partner of leading automotive manufacturers, we offer bundled experience


Amir Mohseni

Business Development – Acoustic Solutions

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Email: amir.mohseni@conti-engineering.com