Continental Engineering Services (CES) has profound experience in actuation systems for the driveline. We support electromotive, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems. CES solutions for driveline actuation are used in vehicles ranging from motorbike to passenger cars up to heavy-duty trucks.

Customers obtain sustainable engineering, consulting, manufacturing, and integration expertise.

Let's drive you!

Our experts in driveline can support in following fields: 

  • Design, validation, and production of components of the actuation system
  • Vehicle development: from prototype concepts to suitable series actuation solutions
  • Support all kind of transmissions: AMT, CVT, DCT, EV, and differentials synchronized or non-synchronized
  • Calibration support for existing or new systems

Driveline Components

Sensor clusters, BLDC/DC motor control, and transmission control, CES offers a complete range of proven components to customers, all optimally suited for driveline applications.

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Driveline Performance Simulation

We offer a wide range of simulation services for driveline solutions always with the aim for efficiency, performance and innovation, allowing at the same time a reduction on development time and costs. This includes simulations on component, system and vehicle level.

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Additive Design and Manufacturing (ADaM)

Additive manufacturing for series products: As an independent series provider, we can realize parts with complex shapes and bionic structures. We develop, simulate, produce and validate the parts according to highest automotive quality standards.

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Michael Genzel

Business Development – Driveline & Electrification

Tel: +49 911 21 774

Tel: +49 911 21 774