Cyber Security & OTA Solutions​

Cyber security technology safeguards systems and safety-relevant components in vehicles against hacker attacks. Upcoming automotive standards and regulations on cybersecurity force both OEMs and Tier1 suppliers to manage cybersecurity in a more formal and structured approach. Together with in-house partners we are able to provide a holistic end-to-end security solution for your system.


  • Established processes fulfilling legal requirements and UN regulations
  • One-stop-shop thanks to our in-house partners
  • Holistic approach covering all levels both on-board and off-board solutions
  • Security Competency on vehicle system level as well as component level

One-Stop-Shop – CES and in-house partners

  • Systems Engineering
    e.g. TARA, Security Concept, Requirements Engineering
  • Strong Key Components customized to your needs
    e.g. Telematics, Secure Gateway
  • Systems Integration & Testing
  • Production
  • ID(P)S systems 
  • Host protection Solutions
  • Security Operation Center 
  • Security Services
  • Over-The-Air Updates
  • Data collection & Analytics

Our Hardware and Software solutions allow for a Secure over the air updates. In this example video, we illustrate how our Secure Ethernet Gatway can act as a Firewall and protect the vehicle network from malicious data that is potentially injected by hacker attacks.


Daniel Jaedicke

Business Development – Interior Electronic Functions