Managing the Vehicle’s Data Network.

The rising amount of functions available in today’s vehicles is leading to both a more complex electronic architecture and to an increasing number of involved electronic control units (ECUs).

To ensure smooth, safe and secure communication between all ECUs it is necessary to have one master unit to coordinate the data transfer within the vehicle network system.

Gateways are the enabler for communication within a vehicle network system and thereby function as a data router as well as a central computing unit between vehicle network domains (powertrain, body, infotainment, etc.). In addition to that, the level of security of an in-vehicle architecture can be increased using a Gateway.

Product Portfolio

Our scalable product portfolio covers a wide range of “off-the-shelf” gateway ECUs ranging from a simple CAN / LIN gateway up to our high-end Ethernet gateway with numerous CAN and Ethernet interfaces. Equipped with a HSM security chip, they include and support over-the-air software update features, remote maintenance and latest vehicle cyber security requirements.

By use of qualified hardware and software basis, we can guarantee high product safety and development quality. In addition to the directly available off-the-shelf variants, we also offer individual adaptations according to your requirements.


  • Wide range of off-the-shelf Gateway ECUs with qualified and proven hardware and software basis.
  • Time and cost-effective adaptation to individual requirements
  • Fast and robust routing engine with integrated network management
  • Integration of customer and 3rd party AUTOSAR software components
  • Hight data security and protection from unauthorized access
  • Fast and secure data exchange with low latency

Compact Gateway

With our Compact Gateway ECUs we offer an entry Gateway available in the shortest possible time. By using a qualified hardware and software basis we can guarantee high product safety and development quality. The Compact Gateway mainly function as router to transfer data between CAN and LIN bus systems. Besides available variants, adaptations according to customer requirements are possible.

  • 6 CAN, 2 LIN interfaces
  • Various Analog and digital IO
  • Network management and dignostics
  • IP52 protection class

Advanced Compact Gateway

With our Advanced Compact Gateway we offer a platform for timesaving and cost-efficient adjustments to your individual requirements. Due to the application of a qualified hardware and software basis we ensure high product safety and development quality. Additionally, the Advanced Compact Gateway is available in two variants which offers the possibility of design flexibility.

  • µC incl. Hardware Security Module (HSM)
  • AUTOSAR SW Architecture
  • 7 x CAN (FD) (8th Optional)
  • 1 x LIN
  • Routing & Diagnostics functions

Smart Gateway

The Smart Gateway enables the communication within a vehicle network system. It thereby function as a data router as well as a central computing unit between vehicle network domains (powertrain, body, infotainment, etc.). As a multi-bus gateway the Smart Gateway offers higher bandwidth, over-the-air updates and enhanced Cyber Security functions which meet today’s requirements.

  • 10 CAN, 2 LIN interfaces
  • Marvell Ethernet Switch (7x 100/1000Base-T)
  • Powerful microcontroller with HSM
  • AUTOSAR 4.x
  • FOTA master
  • Audio Video Bridging

Power Gateway

Holistic connectivity is the key to automated vehicles. However, new functions such as wireless updates of vehicle electronics are not free from risks, particularly when data is being transferred between the vehicle and its environment. With the rising level of connectivity and an increasing number of interfaces in vehicles and machines, the issue of cyber security is becoming increasingly important. The more data is exchanged in the future, the higher the risk of cyber attacks. This is why our Secure Gateway fulfills the highest security standards.

  • Supports a multitude of 1000/100BASE-T, CAN, Flexray and LIN interfaces including power outputs
  • Powerful microcontroller with HSM and Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
  • AUTOSAR 4.3 or higher including security stacks integration
  • Protection class up to IP67 (waterproof)

High Performance Gateway

The increased demand in cloud and driving functions lead to a revolution in the E/E design towards server- and function based architectures. Our High Performance Computing platform covers this demand and provides the necessary high computing capacities and low latencies. It carries predefined functions and applications but also acts as a platform for third-party software and services.

Secure Gateway

Most of our Gateway ECUs are equipped with the latest Hardware and Software features that allow for secure over-the-air updates. In this example video, we illustrate how our Gatway ECUs can act as a Firewall and protect the vehicle network from malicious data that is potentially injected by hacker attacks.

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