Cockpit Controller

Accelerating Innovation:

Smart Cockpit HPC

In the automotive industry, vehicles are no longer simple transportation tools. Thanks to Smart Cockpit High Performance Computers, they have become intelligent, evolving companions.

Follow us, to learn more about the possibilities of this transformative synergy.

Smart Cockpit HPC – state-of-the-art solution that seamlessly integrates various domains and functionalities within your vehicle. This innovative system brings together clusters and infotainment, expertly interfacing with the Android Operating System for a delightful user experience. Explore a range of features, including display options, radio, telephone connectivity, phone-mirroring, and efficient navigation capabilities.

One of the key advantages of the Smart Cockpit HPC is its ability to consolidate all cluster and infotainment functions into a single, compact unit. This cleverly designed solution translates into fewer control units required for installation and minimizes the need for extensive cable harnesses, leading to a remarkably simplified vehicle architecture.

Comprehensive Functionality Integration

The Smart Cockpit High-Performance Computer (HPC) brings together a diverse range of domains and features, seamlessly integrating clusters, infotainment, and Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) with an interface to the Android Operating System. This innovative solution combines multiple functions into a single, compact unit, resulting in reduced control unit installations and simplified cable arrangements. As a result, the overall complexity of the vehicle architecture is significantly minimized. The Smart Cockpit HPC is designed to accommodate two displays for the center stack and instrument cluster, with the flexibility to expand to three displays, including a head-up display. Additionally, while being pre-configured, it offers room for customizations in the Human Machine Interface and hardware interfaces, ensuring a tailored experience to meet specific requirements.

Technical Specifications

  • Up to 3 Displays physical display outputs
  • Supported Resolutions across multiple Displays: 1x 4k + 3x FHD
  • Up to 8 cameras inputs (12* with switch)
  • CAN-FD
  • Unmatched performance
  • Up to 64 GB eMMC
  • Up to 16 GB LP-DDR4 RAM
  • Fan-less design
  • A2B, Ethernet, Sirius XM option
  • Committed Android Updates until Android 16


Daniel Jaedicke

Business Development – Interior Electronic Functions