Industry Radar – Design Competition

The top three students with the best ideas will win free Radar, tools and support!

The 2021 Continental Engineering Services (CES) Industry Radar Design Competition is now open for submissions. The design competition aims to recognize outstanding students together with their product and service concepts, and ingenuity – that have exceptional forward-thinking in the transfer of automotive technology to non-automotive industries.

Applications received before the deadline will be reviewed by a professional committee and will be examined for their substance to determine the 2021 Industry Radar Design Competition winners accordingly.

The deadline for submissions is April 30th, 2021.


Review the specifications of our radar devices and identify two radar sensors that would best suit your application.  You may request two identical sensors or two different sensors.


First Place

  • 2 CES Industry Radars – (Datasheet)
  • 1 CES Radar PLC – (Datasheet)
  • Two radar adapter cables
  • 16 hours of technical support

Second Place

  • 2 CES Industry Radars – (Datasheet)
  • Two radar adapter cables
  • 16 hours of technical support

Third Place

  • 2 CES Industry Radars – (Datasheet)
  • Two radar adapter cables

Time left for application


You have questions or want to send the application?

Send an email with your abstract or ask your questions and receive more information!

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