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The Continental Engineering Services (CES) Internet of Things (IoT) Gateway is vital for connecting sensors, devices, and other components to the internet.

With updates Over-the-Air (OTA), you can easily enhance your functionality by updating the software on your devices and sensor firmware. Our CES IoT Gateway enhances the future scope of your product with features such as predictive maintenance, performance tuning, and condition monitoring, remote setup, geofencing, and much more. Our IoT platform is based on an automotive standard operating system that is compatible with most development strategies. Our IoT solution also comes with a robust library of software functions that enables rapid implementation.

With our services you can perform remote control functions, receive early warnings based on triggers set by your specifications, and monitor operation or functionality. CES also offers cellular access agreements to support this activity globally.


  • Meets stringent automotive quality requirements
  • Designed for harsh environments (IP65)
  • IoT Gateway with worldwide LTE connectivity (with GPRS fallback)
  • Can be added aftermarket to extend the functionality of products already in the field
  • Directly retrieve your sensor data via industry-standard MQTT protocol
  • Secure and encrypted data transfer to the cloud of your choice

Technical Specifications

  • NXP Calypso Microcontroller
  • LTE Cat M1 / NB IoT with GPRS fallback
  • GNSS Module supporting GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Baidoo
  • Bluetooth Low Energy v4.2 (v5 ready)
  • 1x 100BASE-T1 – IEEE 802.3bw Compliant Ethernet
  • 2x High Speed CAN (ISO11898-2) / CAN FD
  • 6x General Purpose Input / Output (Analogue, digital or PWM)
  • 2x High Current Output (up to 1 Amp each)
  • 1x Serial (RS232)
  • Operating voltage 12V / 24V
  • Dimensions approx. 127 x 108 x 34 mm (LxWxH)

Factsheet IoT Gateway

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Example Application

IoT deployment in Onboard Weighting System for Commercial Vehicles

Continental Engineering Services, together with ContiTech experts in air suspension, developed a system that continually evaluates the loading of heavy transport vehicles enabling the maximum safe utilization of loading potential of both tractor and trailer.  

The critical component is the IoT device, which receives the sensor data from the air suspension system per CAN signals and analog inputs. The IoT device applies a proprietary algorithm to calculate the cumulative loading as well as individual axle loads. The measurement results are then available in real-time to the driver via Bluetooth on a smartphone. They are also sent directly to the cloud via LTE CAT M1 to inform fleet managers and authorities.

Real-time Loading Feedback

Examples of Cloud Based Customers

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