Hardware Engineering

for various sectors and sizes

We develop customized hardware solutions for a variety of industries. Our portfolio ranges from head-up displays up to industrial controls in various sectors. We can build on the extensive know-how of our engineers in prototyping all the way up to large-scale production.

Engineering partner

We create customized hardware solutions for a variety of different needs and industries, beginning with applications for the automotive, aeronautics, and rail transport market, right up to the development of products in the medical technology and industrial sectors. We are able to realize both new developments according to customer specifications as well as carry out customer-specific customizations of platform systems.

From prototype to large-scale production

Whether it is power electronics, designing control elements, or even developing new kinds of infotainment systems, door control units, or head-up-displays, our engineers can reliably draw on our comprehensive experience in series development when realizing any of these projects.

Our Services

  • Optimal mechanical and functional integration of systems and their components, continually ensuring the quality of the complete product
  • Close cooperation with the departments involved in the integration
  • Responsibility for the development of electronic components and their integration in the vehicle, both in the high-voltage and low-voltage areas
  • Software development and integration in the complete system

Your Benefits

  • Successful completion of turnkey projects, from a whole vehicle basis down to specific detail work
  • High efficiency: minimal effort and time for maximum output
  • Broad palette of technical know-how across all departments, meaning fewer, but highly competent, contact partners

Methods & Tools

  • Use of design and simulation tools across all departments
  • Adoption of industry-standard toolsets
  • Special production and validation plans
  • Functional safety goal derivation and automotive safety integrity level (ASIL)


Markus Wernsdörfer

Head of Business Center – System Engineering, Integration and Test

Tel: +49 911 217 744 703
Email: markus.wernsdoerfer@conti-engineering.com