CES is bringing mobility expertise to medical technology

The development and production service provider places its primary focus on key technologies for automated driving, information management, networking, drivetrain electrification, and services related to multimodal mobility. Furthermore, it has committed to extending its support to companies within the medical technology sector. Innovative medical technology applications are expected to benefit from this.
A remarkable instance of this collaborative effort is the partnership between CES and the healthcare company AIRAmed, based in Tübingen (Germany). Together, both companies are dedicated to advancing the AIRAscore software on a global basis. “We are pleased to have Continental Engineering Services, a global IT and development expert known for excellence and technology innovation, at our side. Together, we will take AIRAscore to the next level in terms of performance, reliability and user-friendliness,” says Dr. Tobias Lindig, CEO of AIRAmed GmbH.
This innovative software, founded upon artificial intelligence, is designed to enable early diagnosis and prompt initiation of therapy for neurodegenerative conditions such as dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis. AIRAscore leverages the analysis of MRI scans, comparing the image data with a reference dataset specific to age and gender. This capability allows for the detection of atrophies at a stage where conventional visual inspections fail to provide reliable results. This allows medication to be given at an early stage and enables the patient to receive the best possible care.
Image: AIRAmed GmbH

Services for medical technology companies

Continental Engineering Services advises medical technology manufacturers and suppliers and provides them with its technology and development know-how as well as its software expertise. In the system solutions developed, the service provider applies the highest standards for data protection and data security.