48 Volt Drive System Development Kit

This 48 Volt Drive system is ideal for rapid deployment in lightweight prototype vehicles including show cars and proof-of-concept vehicles.

  • Integrated drivetrain solution based on high voltage system as deployed in a Smart EV
  • System voltage: reduced from 350V to 48V
  • Max DC Link Current 200A
  • Maximum Electrical Power 9.6 kW
  • Peak Mechanical Torque 120 Nm
  • Continuous Mechanical Power 8.5 kW
  • Ancillary components for torque demand and drive mode selection / e-stop
  • Water-cooled

System includes

Developed by CES and in series production for several years, for multiple customers, this system meets stringent automotive quality requirements.

This system, as provided here, is intended only for prototyping, academic, and proof-of-concept uses.  Without bespoke application engineering and a Functional Safety Management evaluation step, this system is not suitable for deployment on public roads. 

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Below, you see an example of the CES 48V System in a test vehicle in a closed testing facility.

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