Solar Roof Charging System

The CES Solar Roof Charging System consists of a matching set of components, already tested and pre-commissioned to allow quick and reliable implementation into the target vehicle.

Key Features

  • Aesthetic design with flat or curved solar panels
  • Allows vehicle air-conditioning while parked
  • Adds up to 2000 km electric range per year
  • Supercredits for Europe and USA
  • Designed as a stand-alone solution with minimized vehicle interfaces
  • High yield due to maximum power point tracking (MPPT)
  • Robust automotive components
  • System available for various voltage levels: 12V, 24V, 48V and High Voltage

System Includes

  • Solar panels (1 to 12 depending on the surface area)
  • Charging controller
  • Bi-directional High Voltage DCDC
  • Wiring harness for the system
  • Build up instructions including vehicle-interface descriptions
  • Control strategy
  • 12V buffer battery


  • Pre-commissioned complete solar charging system with matched components and a connecting harness
  • Flexibility in the number of solar modules deployed depending on the available surface area
  • Control strategy maximizing energy intake
  • Interface documentation is also provided to simplify integration


As curved solar panels are always specific to the vehicle, we offer flexible solar panels for prototype applications.

Need help to get the system running in a car? We can do the packaging, integration, and commissioning for you.


Babak Sharifi Hamedani

Business Development Manager

Tel: +49 911 21774 52188