Motion Development Kit (MDK)

… accelerate Vehicle Development with our Motion Development Kit

What is the MDK?

A motion controller is a software component in a vehicle that takes motion requests from different systems (e.g. autonomous driving system) and controls the vehicle actuators accordingly, to follow a desired trajectory. Therefore it coordinates the outputs, as brakes, steering, gearshift and engine under consideration of different outside factors, as resistances or incline to achieve a safe and comfortable driving experience.
The development of this feature is complex, anyhow it is required in every vehicle on and off the road.
We at Continental Engineering Services want to accelerate and ease your development process with a predeveloped motion control, that can be used for quick prototyping as well as for series application. Therefore we are developing a Motion Development Kit, that completes the missing part in your functional „sense, plan, act“ chain.

Your Challenge:

You want your vehicle to follow a certain trajectory at a certain speed and need a component that controls your actuators to follow that path

Our Solution:

  • Plug & play DMC (for e.g. demo, test and research vehicles)
  • Easy adjustment of calibration parameters with HMI
    or car pc in „real time“
  • Trajectory input can be given by e.g. vehicle ECU/car pc/sensors/joystick
  • Series production projects are supported

Key functionality:

  • Predeveloped Motion Controller

Key advantages:

  • Time saving
  • Easy to use
  • Generic usabilty
  • Provided on Conti ECU or as software product


Yannick Frisoni

Senior Business Development Manager
Driver Assistance & Autonomous Driving Segment

Tel: +33 (0)6 1895 6102