Camera Perception Development Kit (CPDK)

… accelerating automotive Camera sensor integration

For automated driving functions, 360° sensor coverage and central data fusion becomes inevitable. We offer a modular, off-the-shelf plug-and-play solution for your development activities. A set of different hardware and software modules fit the kit for your specific application.

What is the CDPK?

CPDK is a scalable perception development kit based on centralized architecture using CONTINENTAL automotive sensors.
  • Designed for fast ramp-up of a fused CAMERA-based environment model
  • Plug-and-play sensor data integration into a development framework using a C++ API
  • Low level data access to sensor signals
  • Includes visualization of sensor data for fast commissioning and integration
  • > Preferred solution for diversification market to evaluate CONTINENTAL sensors


Available Sensor Types
  • Automotive-Grade short-range surround view camera
  • Automotive-Grade long-range satellite camera
Central processing unit
  • Processing unit from customer or procured by CES (such as Nvidia or PC)
Sensor Gateway HardwareCore application Software (scalable functionalities on demand)​
  • SDK / Framework to provide sensor datas via generic interface API (C++ Library)​
  • OS compatibility : Linux and Windows
  • ​Inter-system communication interface with ROS2
  • Supports PTP time synchronization (for Ethernet-sensors)​
  • Full development toolchain: visualization, recording, compilation tool…​
  • Compatibility with other CES development kits : LiDAR, RADAR …​


Object Detection module (OD)
  • To identify list of objects within the environment (car, bike, pedestrian) up to 360°​
Lane (road) detection module (LD)
  • To deliver road lanes and boundaries characteristics up to 360°​
Bird view module
  • To provide a zenithal 360° view of the ego vehicle​


Yannick Frisoni

Senior Business Development Manager
Driver Assistance & Autonomous Driving Segment

Tel: +33 (0)6 1895 6102