LiDAR Perception Development Kit (LDK)

Combination of automotive grade Lidars with cutting-edge perception stack to enable the development of a large range of solutions for automotive and non-automotive industries

Plug & Play solution

PDK gives valuable starting point for further project with CONTINENTAL including potential series applications.
  • Fast Ramp-Up
  • Quick Results
  • Clear Strategy towards Series
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Compatible with ROS and eCAL
  • Flexible Decision Making
  • Automotive-Grade Hardware
  • CES-Support possible at any Stage

Choose the best LiDAR

Choosing the best Lidar for each application is fundamental and each technical characteristic plays an important role.
One-Lidar-fits-all solution does not exist and Lidar experts support can be offered for Lidar short listing from Continental automotive grade Lidars or available Lidars in the market.

Perception stack

A catalogue of perception modules is available in the Lidar Development Kit that can be used as a foundation to develop your application:
  • Object Detection
  • Simultaneous Localization and Mapping
  • FreeSpace extraction and path planning
  • Extrinsics Calibration
In addition, specific demands and expertise can be offered all over the product life cycle

And much more …

LiDAR PDK compatibility with other PDKs gives access to a large portfolio of ADAS sensors.
Choosing the right sensors at the right place is key, our ADAS experts can support at each step of a product development.
Get the best out of your evaluation by getting support from technology expert on your specific use case.


Yannick Frisoni

Senior Business Development Manager
Driver Assistance & Autonomous Driving Segment

Tel: +33 (0)6 1895 6102