3D Thermal Simulation and Structure Analysis

Thermal Simulation at Continental Engineering Services

We offer a wide range of 3D simulation services always with the aim for efficiency, performance and innovation, allowing at the same time a reduction on development costs and time. This includes simulations on components, system and vehicle level. 

Simulation and Virtual Testing are getting more and more important in the development. On the one hand the complexity of systems and software are rapidly increasing and on the other hand development cycle times are being reduced. To keep up with this trend CES provides strong simulation capabilities and various simulation services for 3 D simulation tailored to your needs.   

With our strong know-how in this area it is possible to reduce the repetition of costly real-world component and vehicle tests (e. g. dyno, climate chamber tests) to a minimum. Furthermore, quality can be improved, and development times can be reduced by applying virtual optimization and the possibility to evaluate a larger quantity of test scenarios. In combination with automated test evaluation and reporting, this generates even more added value.  

Cabin Simulation – Example

One highlight worth mentioning is the cabin comfort simulation. This task combines several challenging aspects of 3D simulation (preparation of complex geometry with various materials, multi physics interaction fluid and solid). Especially in Electric Vehicles it is possible to increase passenger comfort and driving range with an optimized cabin control compared to basic cabin control approaches.

3D Thermal Cabin Simulation

Thermal Analysis of Electronic Systems – Example

High power density and high power flux are two results of modern designs of electronics and electro-mechanical components. Losses within the power path are leading to a massive increase in temperature which can limit the performance and/or the lifetime. Our goal is on the one hand to enhance system performance and on the other hand to reduce weight and size. To push the limits of feasibility it is necessary to follow an integral approach which takes boundary conditions as well as part interactions into account. At this point 3D CFD simulations are superior to axiomatic calculations. Continental Engineering Services is pleased to support you with simulation engineering to improve mechanical and hardware design by optimizing component cooling.

Structure Analysis – Example

Another important topic is the structural design of the engine mounting parts, which are used to connect the combustion engine or electric machine to the chassis. The design is supported by FEM simulations to verify static and dynamic load cases with linear and non linear material behavior. The optimization of these parts is a core competence of our mechanical designers. Within an agile development team we support you with strong focus on enhanced part performance and weight reduction.

3D Structure Analysis

Our Services

  • Build up and preparation of 3D model
  • Simulation of thermal behavior of critical electronic components​
  • Simulation of thermal and hydraulic behavior of component cooling​
  • Structure analysis of components and vehicle parts
  • Recommendations for optimization
  • Support test of components and systems​
  • Support model-based software development for thermal management​ (drivetrain and cabin)
  • Support of software development and application, virtual and environmental testing of software functions

Your Benefits

  • Reduction of testing time and number of prototype build ups​
  • Reduction of costs and development times
  • Repeatability of virtual testing​
  • Possibility to adapt to different mechanic, hardware and software designs

Tools and Methods

  • Various simulation tools and methods
  • Derivation of models executable on control units
  • Simulation and test according valid standards

Direct Contact

Babak Sharifi Hamedani
Tel: +49 911 21774 52188
Email: Babak Sharifi Hamedani@conti-engineering.com

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