Energy and Thermal Management

The coordination of cabin and drivetrain energy and thermal management is one of the key competences of our development teams. Depending on your application, we offer existing platform control functions or the service to tailor them to your needs.

Climate change and changes in legislation continue to bring powertrain technology and system efficiency into focus. To achieve challenging CO2 reduction goals, car manufactures must investigate new powertrain technologies and configurations.

High-efficiency system energy management always involves minimizing heat losses of components (i.e., motor, battery, inverter) and the efficient cooling of components to ensure reliable functionality. As an innovative engineering service supplier, CES benefits from a broad knowledge base in developing efficient energy powertrains and related thermal management functions for Electric Vehicles (EV), Hybrid Vehicles, and hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Besides energy and thermal management for the powertrain, it is also possible to provide functions for improved comfort of the passenger compartment. Passenger perception plays an essential role in the purchasing decisions and therefore makes cabin comfort control an essential part of any thermal and energy management strategy.

Especially in electric vehicles thermal management is a crucial topic. Limited waste heat of the electric components leads to the necessity of additional heating energy to warm up the passenger compartment at low temperatures. This results in a reduction of available range.  Besides that fast charging requires intelligent cooling due to the high power input into HV cables, charging system and battery. For these and other challenges, CES has an off-the-shelf full-functionality platform, as well as a robust simulation platform, to support you to increase the driving range and to reduce charging times.

We are pleased to support you with control functions independent of the application, whether it is a motorcycle, vehicle, bus, truck, robo-taxi, or anything else. What sets us apart from our competitors is high-efficiency cross-discipline interaction to coordinate cabin and drivetrain energy and thermal management effectively. This is just one of the key competences of our system and software development teams.

Our Services

  • Model-based SW development for energy and thermal management
  • Virtual and real-world test of SW functions
  • Application of software functions
  • Optimization of control algorithms and application based on customer requirements


  • Platform functionality available
  • Holistic system know-how
  • Reduction of testing time using virtual test strategy
  • Detailed understanding of energy flow


  • Powertrain thermal management
  • Cabin temperature control
  • Energy Management

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Markus Wernsdoerfer
Tel: +49 911 217 744  703

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