Simulation Engineering

Innovation through Simulation

ADAS / AD and Vehicle Dynamics Applications​

With comprehensive experience from a multitude of automotive development projects, CES’ Business Center Virtual Testing & Simulation is your partner for creating simulation-based solutions and tool environments, based on proven methods and processes.

Find out more about our simulation studies on Euro NCAP performance prediction or General Safety Regulations compliance.  Optimize your vehicle dynamics attributes with results from a virtual benchmark. Learn about pragmatic ways to parameterize and validate vehicle dynamics models.

We support you with

  • Euro NCAP Performance Prediction
  • General Safety Regulation Compliance Study
  • Virtual Benchmarking
  • Continuous Integration and Testing
  • Simulation-based release testing
  • Purpose-driven fidelity: Lean model validation for individual applications
  • Planning and realization of SIL, HIL, VIL test systems

Looking for in-vehicle simulation? Vehicle-in-the-Loop is a beneficial method to bring a simulated environment into a real car. 

Get in touch to find out more about our proven-in-use approach.

Powertrain Development
and Thermal Management​

With many years of experience in powertrain development we are your partner for all kind of simulations for component and powertrain development.

Improve your powertrain, components and control algorithms with our simulation engineering competence. We offer concept studies as well as advanced vehicle simulations improving performance and efficiency of your products. 

Besides thermal management in conventional vehicles, CES also investigates in the evaluation of future technologies. To find out more about trends in thermal management of new vehicle concepts or autonomous driving vehicles (i.e. Robo-Cabs) get in touch with us.
Optimization of structural parts (i.e. increased stiffness with material saving). 3D simulation helps to improve quality and to speed up your development. We offer mechanical design for component, powertrain and vehicle development.

We support you with

  • Driving Cycle simulation (i.e. NEDC, WLTP)
  • Simulation of powertrain concepts
  • Advanced vehicle simulations
  • 3D thermal simulations
  • Planning and realization of SIL, HIL, VIL test systems with focus powertrain
  • Cabin and comfort simulation
  • Model based SW development for energy and thermal management
  • Mechanical design and 3D structure analysis
  • Aerodynamics simulation


ADAS / AD and Vehicle Dynamics Applications​

Stephan Hakuli

Head of Competence Center
Virtual Testing & Simulation

Tel: +49 69 678 696 331

Powertrain & Thermal Management

Babak Sharifi Hamedani

Business Development Manager

Tel: +49 911 21774 52188

Stephan Hakuli
Tel: +49 69 678 696 331

Babak Sharifi Hamedani
+49 911 21774 52188