Smart Access

Smart Access


CoSmA is an embedded OEM’s solution offering access to vehicles, using a smart device to lock, unlock and authorize motor start, provide liftgate access and zone functions (e.g. welcome light, approach unlock) – no more need for a physical car key!

Supported by a cloud solution for virtual key management (key creation, delegation and management), CoSmA offers innovative use cases around the car key like shared mobility services, logistics services or vehicle grooming services.

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  • Access & Passive start via BLE or NFC
  • Reprogramming over-the-air
  • Silent remote diagnostics
  • secured backend
  • Cloud-based virtual key management

Products for realizing this Functions

Smart Access ECU

The core of the Continental Smart Access (CoSmA) system is the software managing the different devices and functions

Our software is designed in a modular way to be integrated and run on an existing ECU such as Body Control Module, Gateway or Domain Controller, thus reducing system complexity and cost

Optionally an separate Smart Access ECU is available

BLE/UWB Satellite

The BLE or UWB satellite is an essential part of the Smart Access system. It enables the communication with the smart device.

By strategically positioning BLE/UWB satellites in the vehicle, the system is able to localize the smart device in- and outside of the vehicle.

BLE allows maximum security against “Relay Attack Defense” threats.

NFC Reader

The use of NFC readers allow the system to work not only with smart devices but also passive NFC badges.

The NFC antenna is typically integrated in the door handle or the A/B pillar.

Key as a Service: Over-the-air Virtual Key

Use Cases

  • Unlocking and starting your car
  • Access multiple vehicles using a single device
  • Share keys with colleagues, family, friends
  • Specify access rights and privileges
  • Participate in car sharing or fleet management services
  • Provide more accurate personalized settings

Virtual Key Features

  • Valid for one car
  • Can be limited in time
  • Remotely revocable
  • Obtained over-the-air
  • Can be limited in occurrence
  • Can be limited in actions/access


Lock, Unlock and Start Authorization


Accurate Vehicle Position


Real Time Vehicle Data

Access devices


Any SDK instance running in an application is a Client Device ⇒


Any SDK instance running in an application is a Client Device ⇒


Each individual NFC badge is a Client Device ⇒

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