Body Control Module

Body Control Module


The Body Control Unit is responsible for many comfort functions in the vehicle. Our units can take over regular body functions and can be tailored for gateway, door-control and HVAC functions. They provide exterior and interior lighting, vehicle access, terminal control, washer and wiper functionality.


  • Exterior Lighting
    (e.g. headlamps, position lights, indicators, etc.)
  • Interior Lighting
    (e.g. courtesy light, reading lamp, switch illumination, etc.)
  • Exterior Functions
    (e.g. wipers, washer, defroster, mirror folding, etc.)
  • Others, e.g. power window lifter, cruise control, start/stop button, vehicle horn, etc.


  • Availability of a modular platform which is already in series-production
  • Fast application
  • Flexible customization
  • Cost effective solution
  • Highly integrated 3-in-1 ECU solution (reduction in weight, harness and integration efforts)

Addon Features (Upgrades)

  • Passive Access and TPMS control
    • Passive access system (lock/unlock, remote key entry, passive entry and start, trunk release, crash unlock, etc)
    • Tire pressure monitoring (TPMS)
  • Climate Control (HVAC)
    • Compressor and fan control
    • Analog and digital sensor inputs (e.g. temperature, sun, pressure, etc)
    • Support for motors, valve and ventilation flaps on LIN
    • Seat, armrest, window heating
  • Door Control
    • Lock/Unlock/Safe
    • Door closing control
    • Power window lifter with anti-pinch
    • Side-blind and electric curtain control
    • Inputs for door-handle and switches
  • Gateway
    • Up to 2x CAN and 6x LIN interfaces
    • Network and Energy management
    • Terminal control
    • Customer applications

Integrated Body Control Module

  • Up to 55 digital and 17 analog inputs
  • Up to 74 outputs including H-bridge and relay outputs
  • Full diagnosis of most inputs and outputs possible
  • 2 CAN and 5 LIN interfaces
  • Integration of external RF receiver and LF antennas for access control and TPMS

2 Wheeler BCM

  • Up to 39 analog and digial inputs
  • 24 outputs (some capable of 2.5A)
  • 3 CAN and 2 LIN interfaces
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • IP69k protection class

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