Power Door Control

Enhance Convenience and Safety:

The Next Generation of Door Control

The Power Door Control is a key element to realizing our fully smart autonomous door system. The trend towards automated driving is pushing the demand for autonomous doors, as driverless vehicles must be able to open and close their doors without operators or door handles.

Unlock the Potential

The integration of the Power Door Control system with various components such as DCUs, smart actuators, and advanced software features creates a seamless and intelligent door operation. The system supports sensorless position detection, anti-pinch protection, door end damping, and even radar anti-collision functionality. It also offers standard features like power window lifters, door locks, soft-close mechanisms, and more.
We provide add-on features and upgrades that take your driving experience to the next level. Enjoy armrest heating, intelligent glass sun shading, and even wireless power charging for your smartphones. With Continental’s Power Door Control system, the possibilities are endless.



Experience automated opening and closing of doors, providing a high level of convenience.


Intelligent obstacle detection ensures collisions are prevented, keeping you and your passengers safe.

Design Freedom

Say goodbye to traditional door handles. The Power Door Control enables contactless door opening, offering a sleek and modern design.

Optimized Wiring

With fewer stand-alone components in the doors and an optimized wiring harness architecture, production costs are reduced, and the vehicle's weight is minimized.

Enhanced Reliability

Thanks to fewer connections, the Power Door Control system provides enhanced reliability and durability.


  • Power Window Lifter with Anti-Pinch Algorithm
  • Door Lock (including child security lock)
  • Softclose Automatic
  • Door Zone Illumination (welcome lighting and multi-color ambient lighting)
  • Mirror Control (folding, adjustment, heating, turn indicator, blind spot warning, electro-chromatic glass, tilt function)
  • Switch Control Panel
  • Door actuation (open/close)
  • User force assistance
  • Inclination compensation
  • Door end damping and slam protection
  • Infinite door checker
  • Tip to run function
  • Adjustable speed and door haptic profile
  • Anti-pinch for opening and closing

Addon Features (Upgrades)

  • Armrest heating
  • Sun Shading via Intelligent Glass
  • PowerDoor (automated door open/close and door stop)
  • Wireless Power Charging of Smartphones


Daniel Jaedicke

Business Development – Interior Electronic Functions

Email: ces-interior@conti-engineering.com