Power Door Control

Power Door Control


The Power Door Control is a key element to realizing our fully smart autonomous door system. The trend towards automated driving is pushing the demand for autonomous doors, as driverless vehicles must be able to open and close their doors without operators or door handles.


  • High level of convenience: autonomous opening and closing
  • Greater safety: Intelligent obstacle detection prevents collisions
  • Optimal protection: Intelligent door brake system allows for freedom in opening vehicle doors and stops them from slamming shut even when the vehicle is on an incline
  • Design freedom: Contactless door opening without handle feasible
  • Optionally actuator integrated electronics


  • Door actuation (open/close)
  • User force assistance
  • Inclination compensation
  • Door end damping and slam protection
  • Infinite door checker
  • Tip to run function
  • Adjustable speed and door haptic profile
  • Anti-pinch for opening and closing

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