Convertible Roof Control

Convertible Roof Control

Enhancing Comfort and Driving Pleasure

With our control units, we offer advanced and sophisticated technical solutions for modern high quality vehicles. Our expertise covers both hard- and softtops as well as electric motor and hydraulic system control. In addition to the smart control of convertible roofs, our solutions are capable of integrating a multitude of special functions.


  • Competent and extensive support for convertible roof development thanks to many years of experience in the field of mechatronics
  • Simple configuration of opening and closing processes of the convertible roof and the adjustment of comfort components
  • Worldwide support for parameter adjustments ensuring high quality through standardized processes


  • Roof Control​
    • Open and close the mechanic roof ​
    • Control the flaps​
    • Operate Tonneau Cover​
    • Actuates the latches on the roof​
  • Additional Comfort Functions​
    • Aircap Control ​
    • Power Trunk Closure​
    • Trunk separator Control​
    • Headrest Control​
    • Light control
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Platform CRCM

With the newest generation of platform development, Continental Engineering Services provides a generic and thus cost-efficient Convertible Roof Control Module (CRCM) with state-of-the-art technology.

  • 4 motor control outputs (some capable of 40A)
  • Multiple analog and digital in- and outputs
  • 1 CANfd and 2 LIN interfaces
  • AUTOSAR 4.x
  • Full diagnosis of most inputs and outputs

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