Intelligent Glass Control

Intelligent Glass Control


Intelligent Glass is a state-of-the-art solution with multiple applications. It allows flexible transparency and coloration settings for any glazed surface ensuring greater control over privacy and light penetration. Moreover, glass de-icing time can be reduced significantly using our glass heating function. Additionally, we offer an LED embedding option that facilitates a high degree of flexibility for sophisticated light design. Finally, we can integrate photovoltaics into glass for supporting the vehicle’s electrical system, battery charging or cooling purpose.
All functionalities are available for nearly any glass shape and form. They can be controlled manually by touch or gestures, automatically by sensors, or controlled by any signal received by communication interface.


  • High comfort through automatic or manual darkening of the glass
  • More safety due to automatic darkening
  • Increased privacy, personalized and on demand
  • Fast de-mist and de-icing without visible wires
  • Weight reduction
  • More flexibility regarding design of car
  • Integration of ambient lighting
  • Combination of different technolgoies
  • Reduced CO2 emissions


  • Shading of glass or display to an opaque state
    • Possible shading foil segmentation allows multiple effects
    • Stepless dimmable (option)
    • Reduced heating of the vehicle under intense sunlight, helps reduce CO2 emissions caused by active cooling
  • Illumination: Integrated light (LED)
    • Intelligent Glass enables the realization of new light and ambient lighting concepts in the glass – especially in the roof area
  • De-icing/Heating
    • Very fast de-mist and de-icing function without visible heating wires
  • Solar Energy
    • Integration of photovoltaic cells supporting the vehicle’s electrical system, battery charging or cooling
    • Reduction of CO2 emissions

Use-cases / applications

  • Automatic sun visor embedded in windshield adjusting the transparency level according to outside light conditions
  • Shading of panorama or sun roofs
  • Privacy mode when vehicle is stationary
  • Welcome feature, where windows become transparent upon approach
  • Embedding of Ambient or reading light in roof

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