Solar Charger

Solar Charger


Stringent EU fleet CO2 emission targets for 2020 and beyond put OEMs under pressure. Achieving limits gets more difficult due to new drive cycle and larger vehicles (SUV share). Off Cycle Credits are calculated based on formulas adopted by the EU Commission resulting in CO2 benefits (applicable for ICE – vehicle with Internal Combustion Engine). Solar roof gains up to 7g CO2/km credits. At existing EU and US Eco Innovations Solar is the highest single Eco Innovation to avoid penalty payments (95 EUR/g).

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  • Solar DC/DC converter for 12V and 24V battery systems
  • Dedicated solar algorithm (MPPT charge)
  • Supports up to 250W solar panel
  • DC/DC conversion efficiency: >95%
  • LIN communication for simple diagnostic features and energy balance reporting


  • Increase share of renewable energy for Mobility
  • Energy production on the go as well as in stationary mode
  • Sustainable support of functions: cooling, lightning etc.
  • Avoid battery discharge
  • Benefit from off-cycle-credit

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