Door Control

Door Control


To efficiently control the increasing number of components and functions installed in the door zone such as switches and sensors, actuators and interior lighting components, many vehicle manufacturers are implementing dedicated Door Control Units (DCUs). The application of one single control unit, responsible for all of those area related functions offers a number of advantages.


  • Less stand-alone components in the doors
  • Optimized wiring harness architecture in the doors
  • Minimal production costs and reduced weight
  • Anti pinch protection easily adaptable to the mechanical system
  • Support for Sensorless Position Detection (SLP)
  • Enhanced reliability thanks to fewer connections

Standard Features

  • Power Window Lifter with Anti-Pinch Algorithm
  • Door Lock (including child security lock)
  • Softclose Automatic
  • Door Zone Illumination (welcome lighting and multi-color ambient lighting)
  • Mirror Control (folding, adjustment, heating, turn indicator, blind spot warning, electro-chromatic glass, tilt function)
  • Switch Control Panel

Addon Features (Upgrades)

  • Armrest heating
  • Sun Shading via Intelligent Glass
  • PowerDoor (automated door open/close and door stop)
  • Wireless Power Charging of Smartphones

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