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Display Solutions for Automotive:

Curved, Natural 3D, and In2visible

Discover Innovative Display Solutions for Automotive – Enhance User Experience, Reduce Distractions & Customize Interiors with Curved, 3D, and In2visible Displays.

Thinking forward

As the roads become more crowded and information overload becomes a real challenge, the need for advanced display solutions in the automotive industry is skyrocketing. It’s no secret that drivers face a constant stream of data while behind the wheel, making it crucial to have user-friendly displays that reduce complexity and distractions.

The answer to this pressing issue lies in state-of-the-art Display Solutions Automotive. By incorporating displays and indicators in the instrument panel, drivers can effortlessly handle vital information like the navigation system, radio, phone, and apps. This seamless integration ensures a safer driving experience with minimal distractions.

With these innovative Display Solutions Automotive, the cockpit of your vehicles will transform into a hub of convenience and control. The content you desire is right at your fingertips, presented in an intuitive and accessible manner.

Elevate Your Cockpit Design

Imagine a display that seamlessly integrates into your vehicle’s interior, providing a sleek and homogenous black panel. Our curved plastic lense technology does just that! With active haptic feedback, controlling your device becomes a breeze, allowing for a safer and more intuitive driving experience. Embrace the future of cockpit design with our Curved Display solution.

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Unveiling the Future of Interiors

Experience a whole new dimension with our Natural 3D Display. Using state-of-the-art Lightfield technology, this solution delivers an authentic 3D experience with reduced eye fatigue. No more head tracking or special glasses needed – it’s an extraordinary display solution visible to both the driver and passenger.

A Vision of Seamlessness

Seamless interior concepts are within reach with our In2visible Control Panel. Imagine a hidden full-HD display with a local dimming matrix backlight, delivering high-quality image content through customizable surface textures. Invisible when not needed, but instantly available when you desire.

Customize your interior with ease and enjoy a natural-looking surface texture.
In a fast-paced world, innovation is key. That’s why our display solutions offer enormous design flexibility and minimal distractions for drivers. Enhance user experience and embrace the future of automotive displays with our diverse range of options.

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Daniel Jaedicke

Business Development – Interior Electronic Functions

Email: ces-interior@conti-engineering.com