Climate Control

Climate Control


Our Climate control technologies ensure a pleasant atmosphere in the vehicle even under adverse ambient conditions. We can implement a climate system with multiple temperature zones in the vehicle. Moreover for electric-powered vehicles, we have a bespoke climate control in our portfolio.


  • Climate control in a free scalable number of climate zones within the whole car
  • Complete system responsibility for vehicle climate control
  • AUTOSAR-compliant air conditioning software
  • Vehicle applications suitable for global climate regulation and all vehicle types

Solution options

Software as a Product

The core of our Climate Controle is a modular software component which is designed for simple integration on different hardware platforms including your or 3rd party body or domain controller units.

  • No separate HVAC control unit needed
  • AUTOSAR compliance
  • High flexibility and reuse
  • Supports 1-4 zones
  • Cabin temperature, humidity, fresh air supply regulation
  • Thermal management for hybrid and electric vehciles

Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) Control Unit

Our HVAC control unit hosts the climate control software and supports all necessary I/O for 1-4 zone systems.

  • I/O to interface flaps, blower, sensors, etc.
  • CAN and LIN interfaces
  • BlackBox solution for holistic HMI concepts
  • Highly efficient energy-based controller


The climate control portfolio is rounded off with classic HVAC control units including a faceplate for HMI control. Our faceplates are customer-specific and driven by your design requirements. They may consist of buttons, rotaries, displays, touch surface with haptic feedback, etc. Please see also our HMI and Display solutions.

Optionally the HVAC control electronics can be integrated into one unit.

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