Smart Surface

Smart Surface:

futuristic appearance – awesome feeling!

Discover the power of Smart Surfaces, combining functionality and design in automotive and industrial applications. Enhance user experience with intuitive controls and seamless integration. Explore the benefits now!

With our technologies, we combine virtually all types of surfaces with numerous functionalities that can be adapted quickly and flexibly to the user’s needs through intuitive interaction. On demand they provide information, react to touch and proximity, illuminate the interior or ensure a comfortable indoor climate.
By combining our innovative technologies and integrating them into plastic, leather, wood or even metal decoration, we are able to close the gap between function and design.

Morphing Controls

With Morphing Controls, clean vehicle cockpit surfaces become intuitive user interfaces when the user interacts with it. This technology follows the trend of minimalistic dashboards without compromising functionality and gives the unique feeling of real buttons.


  • Proximity Sensing
  • Touch & Force Sensing
  • Active haptic feedback
  • Precise illumination (RGB)
  • Total hidden till lit effect and non-visible graphics in off-mode
  • Decorative high-quality surface
  • Touch slider integration possible


  • Visual and topographic function on demand
  • Haptic Feedback Profile per Button
  • Adaptable “long-press” feedback
  • Adjustable morphing distance
  • Custom Button Sizes from 1 cm diameter

Functions on Demand

This technology utilises capacitive sensing and proximity detection to display buttons only when needed. It incorporates a fully touch-sensitive surface with haptic feedback and force sensing, resulting in intuitive user interaction.


  • Concept follows the CE design trend of seamless and high value surfaces
  • Capacitive sensing buttons with presence functionality
  • High quality appearance by using IMD aluminum look technology
  • Fully touch sensitive surface
  • Haptic Feedback including force sensing to create „easy to use“ interaction concept
  • Interaction concept (presence and haptic feedback) can be combined with any other surface decoration and appearance


  • Total hidden till lit effect
  • 7 capacitive buttons with individual capacitive sensors to detect human finger already by forceless touching (presence)
  • All graphics in full blackout effect

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