Passive Start and Entry (PASE)

Passive Start and Entry (PASE)

Discover the convenience and security of the Passive Start and Entry (PASE) system for easy vehicle access and engine start without a physical key.


  • Maximum convenience for the driver
  • Lower system costs thanks to optimization of the components used (antennas and sensors)
  • Different antenna designs depending on the vehicle segment and market
  • Personalization based on unique ID
  • Secure transmission of data via ISM frequencies licensed for worldwide use
  • Shared use of HF receiver of the tire pressure monitoring system
  • Simple mechanical application thanks to small and flexible LF antennas
  • Maximum convenience when combined with Smart Autonomous Door technology and our Power Liftgate controls


  • Lock, unlock using the key FOB buttons (RKE)
  • Passive Entry and Start without the use of the key
  • Welcome Light: automatic car illumination when approaching the vehicle
  • Approach Unlock: automatic door unlock when approaching car
  • Walk Away Locking: automatic door lock when leaving the car

Body Control Module

  • 44 digital inputs low
  • 2   digital inputs high
  • 31 analog inputs
  • 2 PWM input
  • 9 Main power & relay supply lines
  • 3 Battery & 2 external GND
  • 1x 5V Power Supply
  • 86 outputs including
  • Relay outputs
  • High side outputs
  • Low side outputs
  • 3x CAN-FD
  • 6x LIN
  • Integration of RF receiver and LF
  • Antenna management

Start/Stop Button (exemplary)

  • Integrated immobilizer coil
  • Background illumination (orange/green)
  • Protection: IP52 
  • Size: Ø35.2mm x 65mm
  • Weight: 40g
  • Modular Design allows individualization and adaptation of button designs, symbols and deco rings

LF Antenna

  • Good interior detection (approx. 85 – 100%)
  • Good exterior range
  • LF frequency / modulation: 125KHz / ASK
  • Protection: IP68 (water proof)
  • Size: 134mm x 42mm x 15.9mm
  • Weight:  44g

Door Handle Sensor (exemplary)

  • Button switch as lock trigger
  • Capa sensor for unlock trigger
  • Micro switch for lock/unlock trigger
  • Operation voltage: 9V~16V

Key FOB (exemplary)

  • RF frequency: 433MHz or 315MHz
  • RF modulation: FSK 
  • Flexible PCB population to support different button configurations
  • 3D coil for PASE Entry and Start
  • 3D coil for Immobilizer
  • Personalization based on unique ID
  • Customized mechanical design
  • Cost- and space-optimized solution thanks to a reusable PCB
  • PCB Size: 21mm x 62.17mm x 1.2mm


Daniel Jaedicke

Business Development – Interior Electronic Functions