Legal Regulations and NCAP

CES clients must comply with various regulations such as the EU-General-Safety-Regulation (GSR), Chinese commercial vehicle homologation, or Brazilian tax-incentives for crash avoidance​.

Governments worldwide contribute to road safety by making active safety features like Emergency-Brake-Assist mandatory for all new vehicles. This results in continuously increasing technical complexity of vehicle electrical architectures and intensifying development efforts to comply with the new legislation.  This is particularly challenging for small OEMs and new players in the automotive industry.

In the EuroNCAP evaluation scheme of 2010, EuroNCAP prioritized crash avoidance and Active-Safety features. Starting in 2020, reaching a 4-5 star rating, which is still the main developmental target for most OEMs, is only possible with many ADAS sensors and Active Safety features working in harmony.

Achieving regulatory approval is not limited to ADAS/Active Safety features.  AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting Systems), an acoustical warning system to alert vulnerable road users about approaching vehicles, is already mandatory for EVs in many regions. Cyber Security is closely related to all vehicle safety aspects and is also part of much upcoming mandatory legislation.

From concept development to turnkey solutions based on Continental components and functions, our portfolio covers everything you need to comply with GSR- and NCAP-requirements.

CES can support you in designing or implementing your next GSR, NCAP, or other compliance activities. 

GSR-& NCAP Turnkey-Solutions

Ranging from the most effort-optimized solutions for GSR compliance to state-of-the-art Active-Safety-Systems for high NCAP scores – based on Continental software and components, we can offer the following turn-key integrations:

  • Short Range Radar
  • Driver Monitoring System
  • Airbag Control Unit
  • Rear View Camera
  • Front Camera
  • Long-Range Radar
  • AVAS

NCAP and Legislation Consulting

Our deep product know-how, combined with our experience from customer application projects, enables us to provide a comprehensive overview of Legislation (especially GSR and NCAP) requirement fulfillment.

Examples of our prior consulting work include:

  • GAP analysis of current vehicle architecture vs. legislation or NCAP requirements
  • Impact analysis (cost, effort) of NCAP targets or legislation changes in your target markets
  • Electrical and electronic architecture development for legislation compliance

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