Camera Sensors

Lane-, sign and traffic-light-recognition and unmatched strenghts in object classification make cameras of various characteristics a key element of environment perception. Image processing algorithms based on artificial intelligence such as neural networks highly outperform the human eye, enabling more and more fully automated drivings tasks.  

Access Systems

We have accepted the challenges of the market to develop improved security measures against theft of next-generation vehicles and thereby guarantee legitimate users more convenient access to their vehicles and present new access concepts for the mobility of the future.

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AEB System

The AEB system is designed to avoid accidents by means of driver visual/audible alert as well as automatic partial and full braking in a huge number of scenarios.

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Air Spring Control offers improved comfort and safety for driving under all conditions

Air Spring Control

The Air Spring Control System from Continental represents a milestone in the development of chassis technology. It automatically adjusts damper and vehicle ride height to different driving conditions and load changes

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Areas of Expertise

Developing the future or adapt the tried and tested Here we would like to present our extensive expertise and developments in the vehicle sector and

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Automated Conductive Charging System

The innovative automated conductive charging system enables the driver an effortless and time saving charging possibility which will increase the user acceptance of electromobility enormously.

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Body Electronics

Body electronics is an electronic network of systems integrated in the vehicle that perform certain functions. Components of the vehicle body electronics include sensors and sensor interfaces, activators and monitoring circuits as well as communication relays.

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Brake Components

One of the most important parts for safety in the vehicle. The brake. You can find out which individual parts and components bring safety to the road on these pages.

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Chassis Components

The control over the vertical movement of the vehicle chassis is essential for enhanced safety, comfort, dynamic and efficiency.

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