High Voltage Cable Assemblies

Our skilled technicians in the High Voltage (HV) cables team offer the capability to design, manufacture, test and integrate HV cable assemblies according to individual customer specifications and requirements. Just follow our HV Cable Configurator to submit an enquiry or contact us directly at Harnesses@conti-engineering.com.

Continental Engineering Services (CES) can provide single prototype products through to small series production. With our manufacturing capabilities, product turnaround can be offered in as little as 1 – 2 weeks. In a partnership with TE Electronics, using approved tooling and processes, CES can deliver HV cable harnesses with shielded wires together with test capability which includes crimp integrity and HV isolation. We also have experience in delivering HV harnesses with a wide range of other connectors.

CES also offers “build to print” services where we can discuss your requirements and provide the best solution.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss possible requirements for the future do not hesitate to contact us.

Cable Types

HVA 280

HVA 280 the low & medium current connector system for hybrid and electric vehicle devices.

HVA 630

Maximum power distribution and protection. The HVA 630 provide advanced high voltage protection for onboard charging systems.

HVP 800

The TE HVP 800 high voltage cable and connector system connects the battery, inverter and e-motor.

HV Cables Configurator

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