HVA 280

Low to medium current cables and connector system

HVA 280 high voltage terminal and connector system includes finger-proof, touch-safe low to medium current plugs and headers designed for great flexibility in hybrid and electric vehicle device applications. The connector system provides multiple latching options and an integrated internal HVIL, allowing for package size optimization and routing flexibility.

The HVA 280 is designed for flexibility with options needed for various hybrid/electric vehicle device applications. With a current carrying capability up to 40A* at 85 °C and a cable range of 2.5-4mm² this system can be utilized with multi-core or individually shielded wire.

With over 3,000 combination options, the HVA 280 providies solutions for a wide variety of device and wire harness applications like the connection of battery packs, DC/DC converters, on-board chargers, electric headers and high voltage power distribution.

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  • Safety: Touch proof (finger safe)
  • Safety: 2 stage unlatching for effective HVIL functionality
  • Common package size for 2 & 3 position connections
  • Common header footprint for multi-core and individual shielded wires
  • Common plug that will mate to header and/or in-line system
  • Plastic header or die cast aluminum header
  • Shunted or pass-thru HVIL feature provides flexibility in system design
  • Unmate using tool or finger



  • Terminal: 2.8mm MCP, 064 MQS
  • Wire range: 2-5mm² multi-core or individually shielded wire
  • Latching style: Two stage, tool or finger actuated
  • HVIL: Integrated, internal
  • CPA available
  • In-line cap with HVIL


  • Voltage rating: Up to 600V individually shielded wire. Up to 850V multi-core wire
  • Current rating: Up to 40A* at 85 °C
  • Temperature range: -40 °C to 140 °C
  • Shielding: 360° from wire to device
  • IP rating: Mated: IP67, IP6k9k. Unmated: IP2xb


  • RoHS compliant
  • LV 215-1
  • IEC 60529


  • Battery pack
  • DC/DC converter
  • On-board charger
  • Electric heater
  • Electric air conditioning
  • Electric power steering
  • High voltage power distribution
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