MK 100® ESC


The MK 100® ESC is designed to combine the comfort requirements of driver assistance functions with the optional available high pressure dynamic requirements of the Autonomous Emergency Brake (AEB) function. This is achieved while bench-marking performance / cost ratio, since the system uses the MK 100® construction kit based on the 2 piston pump concept. The MK 100® ESC High Plus with a stronger E-Motor and an optimization of the hydraulic pump is able to fulfill higher pressure dynamic requirements and support the AEB function, which is becoming more and more important for NCAP ratings in the future.

Thereby the system contributes in crash avoidance or reduces the consequences. This generation of electronic brakes distinguishes itself in particular through its high level of integration ability. The ESC sensors can already today be integrated on the circuit-board of the controller. In addition, the control of the electric parking brake, according to VDA standards, is integrated into the ESC, which results in no separate controller being required for the triggering of the parking brake.
A preconfigured variant of MK 100® ESC that supports all basic functions including AEB can be provided as Effort Optimized system MK 100® ESC EO.

Features & Benefits

  • Contribute to reach 5 stars in NCAP rating
  • High comfort level
  • Enhanced hydraulic performance

Technical Specifications

  • Box Volume: 1620 cm3
  • Weight: 2210 g

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