The MK C1® EVO is Continental’s next evolutionary step of its brake by wire brake systems. The robust design continues the approach of an innovative simulator brake system MK C1®, in production as since 2016, by keeping the high system performance while reducing the costs and power consumption.

It makes a major contribution to safe and dynamic driving, as well as energy efficiency. Thanks to the “brake-by-wire” design, it enables recuperation of braking energy in a much wider range than standard regenerative brake systems, reducing CO2 emissions of hybrid electric vehicles by around 5 g/km and extending the electric range of all battery powered vehicles with savings of around 30% regenerative energy compared to a non-simulator brake system. This measurement has been made according to the WLTP (Worldwide harmonized Light vehicle Test Procedure) and confirmed by the TÜV, a German Technical Inspection Association. The innovative “One-Box” system integrates the tandem master cylinder (TMC), brake booster and control systems (ABS and ESC) into a single compact and weight-saving (approximately 30%) module. Continental’s MK C1® and MK C1® EVO can build up braking pressure in 150 ms (time-to-lock), which is twice as fast as conventional systems today.

Features & Benefits

  • Replacement of brake booster and vacuum pump
  • Reduced weight, size and number of components of the brake system
  • Simplified logistics and installation effort in the car production
  • Benefit in fuel saving and CO2 reduction
  • Significantly faster buildup of autonomous braking pressure than conventional hydraulic systems
  • Fulfills increased pressure dynamics requirements for new Advanced
  • Driver Assistance Systems
  • Fulfills requirements for regenerative braking system
  • Provides a high level of comfort
    Optimized packaging
    Integration of Electronic Stability System sensorics on demand


  • Box volume advantage: app. 4 dm³
  • Weight advantage: 3 – 4 kg

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