MK 100® MAB – Anti-lock Brake System

MK 100® MAB – Anti-lock Brake System

Anti-lock Brake System for two wheelers

The MK 100® MAB is a two-channel motorcycle anti-lock braking system which is suitable for all kind of motorcycles. Independent ABS control on front and rear wheel avoids overbraking and locking of the wheels and procures a rollover prevention during braking maneuvers. Thus, it permits a short stopping distance combined with increased driving safety. The latest product generation is about 50 percent smaller and lighter than its predecessor.

Special approach for niche OEMs by CES

CES developed a special approach which allows to equip motorcycles from niche OEMs with a MK 100® MAB in short time and keeping development costs at an affordable level. This standardized approach in its lowest stage of extension provides readiness for homologation according to EU-Regulation No 168/2013 for two-wheeler over 125ccm, but also can be extended according to every customer’s demands.

Furthermore CES will be pleased to support the OEM on different services, such as – Consulting services regarding packaging and bracket design for the ABS unit. – Consulting services regarding integration of wheel speed sensors and design of the encoder wheels.

Technical Specifications

  • Box volume: 452 ccm
  • Weight: 620 g
  • Dimensions (l/w/h): 92x84x62 mm

Features & Benefits

  • Anti-lock braking function for the front wheel and rear wheel
  • Lift-off detection for the rear wheel for optimum deceleration and stability (Rear Wheel Lift-Off Protection → RLP)
  • Cornering ABS for safe braking when leaning into a curve (Optimized Curve Braking → oCB)
  • Special mode for sporty usage e.g. on a racetrack → Sport ABS
  • Special mode for off-road usage → Off-road ABS
  • Pressure sensor for improved functions and pressure control

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