Our 360° Surround View System

... turns you into a parking pro!

An emerging technology that assists the driver in maneuvering the vehicle safely by allowing them to see a top-down, rear, and panorama view. Various camera views are stitched together with the correct geometric alignment.

The System

The Surround View System uses four fish-eye cameras with a horizontal field of view of 195° that delivers perfect images in Full High Definition.
The cameras are positioned in the front, rear and on each side of the exterior mirrors and provide input to the ECU which creates a real-time 360° view of the vehicle in a single image. It also monitors the area around the vehicle and can recognize static or dynamic objects to warn the driver in case of possible collision.
A simple Surround View System consits of but is not limited to:
  • 4x Surround View Cameras
  • 1x ECU
  • Visualization Functions
The Visualization Software stack can be integrated on an existing HW platform and be procured as SW as a Product. It is customizable to the specific needs and requirements while keeping the core algorithm unchanged.

Visualization Functions

There are many viewing features available in the Surround View System, some of them being:
  • Combined or Individual Camera Views
  • Bird Eye View
  • Single Camera Front, Side or Rear View
  • Dual Camera / Curb View
  • Transparent Hood / Transparent Bonnet
  • 3D Static or Adaptive Bowl Views
  • Transparent Trailer
A special view is called the “Transparent Hood” feature which displays in real time what is underneath the vehicle (“see through bonnet”). This is particularly helpful in tight road situations or on rough terrain.
The “Transparent Trailer” feature uses an extra camera mounted on the rear of a trailer and the one on the rear of the vehicle, which is part of the surround view system, and merges the pictures together seamlessly. The result is a panoramic view behind the vehicle that renders the trailer to appear as virtually invisible.
Overlays for parking using information from other sensors can also be integrated in the different views.
Make driving easier
and more enjoyable!
Make it safer for the
people inside and outside
of the car!

Perception & Detection Functions

The Surround View System can also provide various perception and detection functions such as:
  • Lanes and Road Markers Detection
  • VRU, Vehicles, Static Objects Detection
  • Traffic Signs & Lights Recognition
It can also use the object detection to assist the driver in hitching and reversing attached trailers.
Additionally, Virtual Testing and Validation services to simulate different mounting positions and reduce redesign  iterations to a minimum are available.

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Alexandra Sabu

Business Development Manager – Low Speed Maneuvering

Tel: +44 7903 728688
E-mail: alexandra.sabu@conti-engineering.com

Tel: +44 7903 728688
Email: alexandra.sabu@conti-engineering.com