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The System

The Automated Parking feature lets the driver easily cope with any parking space. The vehicle automatically scans parking areas for a suitable space while passing by and offers that space to the driver for selection. If the driver accepts the suggestion, the vehicle takes care of the rest: steering, controlled acceleration and braking right up to the final parking position.
Scalable solutions for Parking Systems are available, using 4 Fisheye Cameras with >180° FoV and 8-12 Ultrasonic Sensors to detect everything around the vehicle. Fusing the input from the cameras and ultrasonic sensors, enables semi or automated parking of the vehicle, including trained and remote parking.
Several commercial options which include Parking Functions, Human Vision, Driving Functions, Detection and Trailer Functions are available, from Software as a Product, to full system including sensors and Automated Driving Control Unit.

Parking Functions

The Ultrasonic Sensors and Fish-Eye Cameras enable the system to perform:

  • Park Distance Warning
    • Acoustic and/or Visual warning when approaching an object
  • Low Speed Collision Avoidance
    • Emergency braking in case of imminent collision
  • Semi / Automated Parking
    • Parallel, Angular and Perpendicular Parking scenarios are covered
    • Parking aligned to parked vehicles, curbstones, pavement markings
  • Remote Parking
    • Trained Parking
    • Garage Parking
    • Valet Parking

Visualization & Detection Functions

The Fish-eye Cameras enable the system to provide:
  • Combined or Individual Camera Views
  • Bird Eye View
  • Single Camera Front, Side or Rear View
  • Dual Camera / Curb View
  • Transparent Hood / Transparent Bonnet
  • 3D Static or Adaptive Bowl Views
  • Transparent Trailer
  • Lanes and Road Markers Detection
  • VRU, Vehicles & Static Objects Detection
  • Traffic Signs & Lights Recognition

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Alexandra Sabu

Business Development Manager – Low Speed Maneuvering

Tel: +44 7903 728688

Tel: +44 7903 728688