Continental Engineering Services’ Detectable Jacket Wins the Autobest Award 2024

CES Detectable Jacket: Winner of Autobest Award 2024

At the prestigious 23rd AUTOBEST Gala Awards held at the Leweck Resort in Luxembourg, Continental Engineering Services won an award for its significant contribution to the safety of vulnerable road users (VRU): the Detectable Jacket. The Detectable Jacket offers cyclists and pedestrians a new dimension of safety on the road, especially in the darker winter months or in bad weather conditions, when visibility is limited, both for the human eye and vehicles alike.

In comparison to conventional high-visibility jackets, the Detectable Jacket is highly recognizable to the human eye. It is also up to twice more visible to LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and camera sensors of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), which constantly monitor the vehicles’ surroundings. For this solution, CES partnered with the outdoor clothing specialist, Urban Circus to develop a safe, trendy jacket that is suitable for everyday wear. Urban Circus brings its expertise in outdoor clothing that protects against darkness, wind and rain, and Continental Engineering Services its experience with vehicle sensors – and developed a safe, stylish jacket that is suitable for everyday use.

“Our ‘Vision Zero’ – zero fatalities, zero injuries, zero crashes – not only includes automobile users, but also focuses especially on vulnerable road users. With the Detectable Jacket, a joint innovation from Continental’s own development and production service provider Continental Engineering Services and Urban Circus, the outdoor wear specialist, we are moving one further step closer to making urban traffic safer for VRUs,”

Eric Vincelot, Head of Continental Engineering Services (CES) France says.

Innovative Safety for Cyclists and Pedestrians

The Detectable Jacket is designed to provide unmatched visibility for cyclists and pedestrians, especially in urban traffic situations. The jacket offers enhanced visibility which is achieved through Urban Circus’s patented Urban-RPrint® technology, which combines fluorescent and reflective inserts to make the jacket more noticeable.

Nighttime Visibility and Safety

One of the jacket’s standout features is its glass microbead technology, which significantly boosts nighttime visibility. This technology allows the jacket to reflect light from vehicle headlights up to 300 meters away, a six-fold increase over standard white outerwear. By making cyclists and pedestrians more visible to both human drivers and vehicle sensors, the Detectable Jacket greatly reduces the risk of accidents.

Stylish and Practical Design

In addition to its safety features, the Detectable Jacket is designed for comfort and style. It is wind and waterproof, ensuring protection against harsh weather, and its breathable fabric keeps wearers dry even during intense activity. The jacket’s fashionable design makes it suitable for everyday use, combining practicality with modern aesthetics. It is now available online in Europe.

Celebration of Innovation at Autobest Gala

The AUTOBEST Gala also featured a captivating performance by Authentica, the stage name of Martina Menichetti. Her unique blend of folk and global traditional music added a vibrant and cultural touch to the event, highlighting the spirit of innovation and excellence celebrated at the Gala.

With the introduction of the Detectable Jacket, Continental Engineering Services continues to lead the way in advancing road safety, ensuring a safer future for all road users.